Tokun Monsuta is an action-adventure multiplayer RPG developed by Heptagon Gaming. Created by hardcore gamers, Tokun Monsuta will revolutionize how players are empowered by their experience and rewarded for their skill. Immersed in the futuristic world of Genjitsu, players will fight alongside their Token Monster in the epic struggle against the omnipotent techno-elites. Team up with your friends to uncover the origins of Denshi and unlock the incredible power within your Token Monster. As you complete epic quests, defeat interactive dungeons and earn valuable loot, you will be empowered through your monster and will evolve through your growing knowledge of CØde. Tokun Monsuta will integrate blockchain technology to build the most advanced and rewarding experience for players.


Earn Tokun by exploring, battling and teaming up with your friends!


Unlocking a Token Monster will grant you early access to the game and allow you to begin exploring the potential of your very own unique token monster!


Team up with your friends to defeat interactive Dungeons, battle to the top of PVP leaderboards and complete epic questlines to power up your character as you journey to explore the limitless potential of your unique monster.


In our player-driven economy, gamers will own 100% of the loot they earn in-game. Each victory will earn Tokun and can reward you with dynamic loot that can be used to power up your monsters, or be sold to other players within the marketplace.

Unlock your unique monster!

As an early access pass to the game, and a way to reward early supporters with exclusive benefits, Tokun Monsuta will be unlocking a limited number of monsters for players to purchase in 2023. The release will consist of 5,000 1st Edition (1-star) monsters, followed by a 2nd edition (2-star) release of 25,000 monsters. During the release, each player will be able to unlock a completely unique monster which will provide them early access to the game as well as additional benefits and in-game perks!

Own a creature of Denshi

Building a Player-Owned Economy

You hold the key to their survival

Token Monsters will be transported from their home world of Denshi into the consoles of players during our initial release. Each Tokun Monster will serve as a ticket to the game. After the release, new monsters can only be unlocked through in-game activity. 1st Edition holders will have early access to capture wild Token Monsters within the game, which they can choose to use or sell to other players within the marketplace.

Each Monster is Unique!

6 elements / 18 species / 54 sub-species

How rare will your monster be?

Each Tokun Monster originated as a creature of Denshi, born from the memories of the Architects. Every monster is completely unique and is created with random attributes, some rarer than others. With endless possibilities, no two monsters will ever be the same.

Power-up and Specialize!

Empower yourself through your monster!

Define your unique role!

To reach the most rewarding content in Tokun Monsuta, players will need to power-up and specialize by using the Affinity and Talent Grid systems. As you level, you will craft your specific role and abilities to make yourself a unique asset to your team's success.

Endless Combinations

Cultivate your own gameplay style

Build your teamwork and skill!

Your Token Monster is born with limitless potential. As its owner, you will empower yourself by developing a strong connection to your monster. Each sub-species will have unique abilities, providing players with the power to craft a unique style of gameplay.

The Console

Your monster opens a gateway to a digital world.

IR Sensor

Connect with other players to battle, trade, buy/sell and team up for the most unique and advanced multiplayer experience.

Star Count

The star count is an indication of the set in which your monster was unlocked.


There are currently a total of six elements in Tokun Monsuta. Each element has its own strengths and weaknesses which influence the role your monster will play in battle.

Monster Attributes

With 30,000 unique combinations available pre-launch, every player has a chance to unlock a monster with extremely rare attributes. Each monster is one of a kind!


The base stats of each monster can be boosted through the Affinity system!

Production #

The production number is an indication of the order in which the monster was unlocked.

The Console is your personal digital device connecting you to the digital world of Denshi. It serves as a home to every digital monster in Tokun Monsuta once they've journeyed to our world. Consoles come in 8 different colors and will display all the key characteristics of your unique monster. Your character will use their console to connect with technology as they battle and explore the world of Genjitsu.

Game Features

Explore all the ways to play in Tokun Monsuta!


Work together to solve interactive puzzles, battle player-owned monsters and defeat epic dungeon bosses to earn powerful loot and valuable rewards. Player-owned Dungeons will introduce a new element of skill-based competition and evolving metas.


Engage in PvP battle and compete against top bracket players for exclusive leaderboard rewards. At launch, we will offer 1v1 PVP battles, with plans to release team based 3v3 and 5v5 modes in future patches.


Experience an expansive storyline as you explore a vast and beautiful world filled with epic quests, thematic dungeons, and community-wide events. Unlock cinematic trailers that introduce compelling story arcs and immersive playable zones.


As the primary drivers of the economy, players will be able to list items on the marketplace for Tokun. The marketplace will also support real-money transactions for players looking to sell monsters or cosmetics earned during our early release or within the game.


Build a community of passionate players through our Guild system. Collaborate to unlock buffs and rewards by completing guild achievements within Dungeon, PVP and PVE gameplay.


Tokun Monsuta is being developed to attract highly skilled players looking to bring their gaming to a new level. We plan to introduce regional competitions and international tournaments in the future!


Long-term goals for Tokun Monsuta

PHASE 1 Q3 2021
Q1 2022
  • Team Formation
  • Website Design and Launch
  • Publish White Paper
  • Create technical roadmap
  • Early distribution of Beta spots
  • Early Game Concept / Designs
  • Genesis Release of 1st Edition monsters (Beta members)
  • Reveal of Genesis Release - 1st Edition monsters
  • Development of Early Beta Begins
  • 2nd Edition (Public Release) and reveal
  • Staking for all monsters begins
  • Dungeon unlock and staking of Dungeons
  • Launch of Early Beta (Beta Members Only)

Future Development Plans

The adventure is only the beginning!

Our team has been hard at work planning future goals for Tokun Monsuta including a game expansion which will allow players who have already invested into the game to carry over their progress into future adventures.


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